Welcome To New York - Review


Lyrics : 10/10  Probably the best part of this song is, as damn usual, the bridge. It makes me think about how people are all upset that she keeps saying that love isn’t everything to her anymore, that she’s not interested in a relationship etc etc; when she used to call herself a hopeless romantic nearly 24/7. Like any great love, it keeps you guessing. Like any real love, it’s ever changing. Like any true love, it drives you crazy - to me it feels like Taylor still has all that dangerous, mindless love inside of her, but instead of putting it into another person, she has chosen to put into New York; and, by extension, herself.
Another line I’m like obsessed with is “the lights are so bright, but they never blind me” which is up to interpretation, but I think it pretty much ties into “it’s been waiting for you..”, in that she’s been meant to come to New York for so long - and now that she’s there, the lights and sounds that are often really disorienting to people who first move there, feel a lot more like home than any other place she’s been before.

Vocals : 10/10 YYYYAASSSSSSSS this song is like perfect for her vocal range and she sounds like a QUEEN on this track seriously I wanna climb into the way she sings THE LIGHTS ARE SO BRIGHT BUT THEY NEVER BLIND MEE

Sound : 6/10 For a song about New York you kinda think it should be like…huge? All encompassing? I think she captures that kind of “skyline” sound pretty well, especially in the baseline. But really a song about New York is supposed to be like NEW YORK!!!!!!!! NEW FUCKIN YORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEW!!!!!!!!!!! YORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but this is kinda like yeahh man New York pretty cool SHE ONLY EVEN YELLS “NEW YORK!!!” ONCE LMAO FOR SOME REASON THAT REALLY BUGS ME

Total : 26/30


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iTunes doesn’t have Welcome To New York up in Russia, the UK, or France like people were saying. It was obviously iTunes fault and they screwed up and took it down. Don’t listen or reblog until it comes out officially tonight at 11 PM EST. 

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